Temple run 3

Temple Run 3 is one of the most popular games.

In the game you will become a big fat guy and dwarf. The humor of character formation gives players a sense of fun. When you play, you will enter into a mysterious space game with many exciting awaiting in front.Falling into the category of point-charged game, full of attractive. Run and run, that’s the way to win the Temple Run 3 game!

Play Temple Run 3game You need to control the character fleeing the demon who wants to eat you. Quickly avoid the traps on the way if you do not want to be caught by the other demon.

Your task in Temple Run 3 is to try to run fast through the path to escape the monster is eating you, avoid stumbling or collision with the trap You can also collect as much money and gifts as you can.

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1.58/ 5    12 ratings

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