Cool math games Run 3

Cool math games Run 3 is the third part and the best in the game Run. One guy lost in a challenging area, and the character must run and jump nonstop to overcome hundreds of holes on the runway and avoid fall into the air.

On the runway, he can pick up items and skillfully turn left, right or jump to across the holes. Upgrading from one level to another and the higher the level the faster the game and it requires fast speed. The game requires the patience and skill but truly attractive.

The player task is to run through the levels and keep his character avoid multiple barricades. Completing each level and the player earn the coins, then the coin can be used as a currency in order to buy new characters in the game store including skaters, lizards, kids and students, each of which has different skills and advantages.

Sound is an important advantage of the Cool math game Run 3 compared to the previous series. Sound brings experience and excitement. Sound makes the player feel like running after something or carrying something very important or being pursued.

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